Maad Pharmacists Company

About Maad Pharmacists

Maad Pharmacists Company is one of the largest private-sector pharmaceutical companies in Iran, which started its activities in various fields of production and trade in 1987 with the participation of 700 pharmacists.
Pharmacists Maad Company is located on a 10 hectare land of 56 hectares of land owned by the company and the company is headquartered in Tehran.
Maad Pharmacists Company consists of two independent sections, including "Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Production Factory" and "Pharmaceutical Factory". In addition to 700 pharmacist members, 15 Iranian pharmaceutical companies are shareholders in this company.
In the first phase of its activity, Pharmacists Maad Company started to produce 7 pharmaceutical products and raw materials, and now in the second phase of the development program, the company has started the construction of a new API factory in large dimensions to quickly and completely meet the needs of all its affiliated and new production units.