Extraordinary General Assembly Invitation Announcement


Extraordinary Announcement of the Extraordinary General Assembly

Mad Pharmacists Company (Private Joint Stock) Registered under No. 66257 National ID 10101112247

Hereby, all the esteemed shareholders of Mad Pharmacists Company (Private Joint Stock Company) are invited to attend the General Assembly.

Extraordinarily company that at 10 o'clock in the morning on Tuesday, 05/21/99 at the factory located on the old road Tehran - Qom

After the police, the road to Hassanabad will be held next to Shohada Square.

The agenda is:

1- Hearing the report of the board of directors and the legal inspector of the company

2- Reviewing and approving the balance sheet and financial statements up to March 20, 2010.- Selecting the main and alternate members of the Board of Directors

4- Selecting the main and substitute auditors and inspectors

5- Determining the most widely published newspaper

6- Other matters that are extraordinary in the competence of the Ordinary General Assembly.

Informs the esteemed shareholders according to the decision of the National Headquarters for Corona Disease, which stipulates that until further notice, the general meetings of companies will be held only if attended by a maximum of 15 individuals or legal entities and in accordance with the relevant health protocol. Yes, it is possible. Therefore, please introduce the lawyer or representative no later than 8:00 AM on 05/21/99 in writing or through the form below.

Board of Directors of Mad Pharmacists Company (Private Joint Stock Company)